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The Privacy Series as such has ended, so this site functions mainly as an archive, documenting the history of a project that went on for two years (2000-2002) and was a great forum for privacy related discussions.

The goal of the Privacy Lecture Series was to debunk the idea that privacy is either a 'given right' or a 'tech-only problem'. The Privacy Lecture Series intended to foment awareness and understanding of the different facets of privacy by serving as a meeting place in which speakers and audience, of a variety of backgrounds, exchange knowledge and experiences. It highlighted the complex repercussions privacy has on many of our daily activities: education, health, work, leisure and even issues which we that are usually not consciously aware, such as genetics. Every other week a scholar, member of an advocacy group or representative from the private sector was invited to come and discuss one aspect of privacy from his/her perspective.

The Privacy Lecture Series counted with the presence of prestigious speakers and privacy advocates such as George Radwanski, Privacy Commissioner of Canada; Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario; Stephanie Perrin, Chief Privacy Officer of Zero-Knowledge Systems; Pamela Samuelson, Professor at the University of California at Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology; David Banisar, Deputy Director of Privacy International and David Lyon, Professor at Queen's University, among others.

The Series has now evolved into the Information Rights Salon, which maintains a strong emphasis on privacy issues, but broadens its scope to include speakers on other information rights issues. Go to the website to find out more.


The directory to the Privacy Lecture Series' archives.


The Privacy Lecture Series was founded and directed by Ana Viseu, researcher currently working on her doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto. Her thesis, titled Sociotechnical Worlds: The Visions and Realities of Body(nets), focuses on the development and implementation of body(nets) and wearable computers and the emerging sociotechnical worlds that sustain them. Her doctoral fieldwork is mainly being conducted at Bell Canada, with a grant from Bell University Labs, and investigates the process of deployment of wearable computers within the workplace. Ana is a McLuhan Fellow and a KMDI Graduate Fellow.


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The Privacy Lecture Series was held once a month at the University of Toronto (Canada)

The lectures were FREE of charge.

For more information contact: Ana Viseu


The Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) of the University of Toronto co-sponsors the Privacy Lecture Series

The Information Policy Research Program (IPRP) of the University of Toronto co-sponsors the Privacy Lecture series