Ian (Gus) Hosein

European cybercrime law and its implications for privacy

February 28, 2001

Ian (Gus) Hosein is the Privacy Technology Officer at Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Ian (Gus) Hosein is a Tutorial Fellow and doctoral student at the London School of Economics. For three years Gus has lectured to undergraduate and postgraduate students on privacy, philosophy and politics of technology, regulation, cryptography policy, networks, and the concept of the Information Society. In his spare time he works with Privacy International, is a Policy Counsel for ZeroKnowledge Systems, and is an Advisory Council member of the Foundation for Information Policy Research. A Toronto native, he is a survivor of the University of Waterloo; but now lives in England partly because of the prevalence of pubs.

The PowerPoint Presentation

Gus Hosein's presentation is now online!


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