Arni Stinnissen

Computer Crime, Search and Seizure

April 11, 2001

The presentation is now online. You can find it HERE


Arni Stinnissen is a senior police officer with over 22 years of experience with the Ontario Provincial Police. Arni started his career as a field police officer serving in the detachments of Nipigon, Armstrong and Kitchener. While in Kitchener he took computer-related courses at Wilford Laurier University and Conestoga College. In 1986 he transferred to the Computer Services Branch of the OPP in Toronto where he was a systems officer providing maintenance on the Tandem mainframe system. He also provided help desk duties supporting the OPP's growth in the computer area. Arni returned to investigation duties and transferred to the Project P unit and later was seconded to the predecessor of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission. In 1994, Arni transferred to the Anti-Rackets Section and become project leader for their document imaging system.

Arni is the Team Leader for the new Electronic Crime Team of Anti-Rackets section specializing in applying his technological and organizational skills to handle the burgeoning caseload of reported computer-based crime for the OPP. Arni also manages the document imaging system which converts hard copy documents into electronic documents for investigational and disclosure purposes. Arni has successfully completed numerous computer-based courses from the Canadian Police College.