How to (Almost!) Make Your Privacy Fears Go Away :
Improving Organizational Data Protection Practices

April 25, 2001

This talk will focus on increased awareness about privacy and security among organizations in an e-business environment and how they can leverage privacy to their competitive advantage. To reach this goal, Miyo will provide information on the impact of new information technologies on business practices, recent public opinion surveys on privacy and information-handling practices, and the impact of new privacy legislation in Canada, the United States and Australia will be provided. Miyo will also provide information on corporate data security programs. Miyo's talk will conclude with an explanation of the four ingredients required for the adoption of successful programs.

Miyo is currently working at Mount Sinai Hospital designing and implementing a corporate data security program in response to the draft of the Ontario Personal Health Information Privacy Act. Miyo has worked as a privacy and data security consultant since 1994, where she conducted threat risk assessments, updated privacy codes of practice and developed a public communications strategy on the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act for the Canadian Bankers and Canadian Direct Marketing Associations. Miyo has also conducted legislative impact analyses and software compliance tests for medical suppliers, pharmaceuticals and insurers.

Miyo has a Ph.D. in Communications from McGill University, where she specialized in the impact of international data protection laws on organizational business practices. Finally, Miyo is chairing a national sub-committee of privacy and security experts for the Canadian Organization for the Advancement of Computers in Health (COACH). In May 2001, the sub-committee will publish comprehensive privacy and security guidelines on the protection of health data.