Anderson, Ken
Director of Corporate Services & General Counsel,
Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario
Oct. 30, 2001 Copyright, Courts & Criminals: An Update on Privacy Legislation in Canada Powerpoint presentation (presenter hasn't sent it in yet)

Austin, Lisa, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law

March 19, 2002

The Challenge of New Technologies: Do We Need a New Privacy Theory?

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Banisar, David
Deputy Director, Privacy International
Oct. 31, 2001 International Developments in Privacy: A Look at Current Trends - - - - - -
Cavoukian, Ann, Ph.D
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
Feb. 11, 2002 Building Privacy Into Technology

Powerpoint presentation

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Clement, Andrew
University of Toronto

Gotlieb, Kelly
University of Toronto

Hope-Tindall, Peter
dataPrivacy Partners Ltd.

Tomko, George
Photonics Ontario


Dec. 3, 2001


Smart Cards and Biometrics: An Appropriate Answer to Terrorism?


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Webcast video
Part 1 & Part 2

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Gurski, Mike
Information Privacy Commission of Ontario
Feb. 8, 2001 Privacy in the wireless world Powerpoint presentation
Hosein, Gus
Privacy Technology Officer,
Zero-Knowledge Systems
Feb. 28, 2001 European Cybercrime Law and its implications for privacy Powerpoint presentation
Lyon, David
Queen's University
Nov. 12, 2001 Terrorism and Surveillance: Security, Freedom, and Justice after Sep. 11 2001 Paper (html or pdf)
Perrin, Stephanie
Chief Privacy Officer, Zero-Knowledge Systems
April 16, 2002 Practical problems in privacy work: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous Powerpoint presentation
Radwanski, George
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
March 26, 2001 Privacy, Autonomy, and the Limits of Technology Paper (html or pdf)

Rotenberg, Marc
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

organized by the Center for Innovation Law and Policy

Nov. 15, 2001
Defending Civil Liberties After September 11 - - - - - -

Pamela Samuelson
Professor, University of California at Berkeley; Director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology

Jan. 17, 2002


Privacy Dimensions of Intellectual Property

Webcast video

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Seaton, Brendan
President, PRIVA-C Solutions

March 14, 2001


Getting into your genes: Protecting Health Information

- - - - - -
Sookman, Barry
Lawyer, Partner with McCarthy Trétault
Nov. 26, 2001 Personal Information:What Is It Really? Powerpoint presentation
Stinnissen, Arni
Detective Staff Sergeant, Ontario Provincial Police
April 11, 2001 Computer Crime, Search and Seizure Powerpoint presentation
Yamashita, Miyo
Mount Sinai Hospital
April 25, 2001 How to (almost) make your privacy fears go away: Improving organizational data protection practices - - - - - -
Whitaker, Reg
York Univ.
Oct. 26, 2000 The end of privacy: Is technology making us transparent? Webcast audio (real audio or mp3)